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Australia, officially the Australian Commonwealth , is both a continent and a sovereign state comprising the continent of mainland Australia and its surrounding satellite islands.The continent is heavily populated and colonized by Anthro-feralis and some humans. Throughout history, Australia and its Anthro-feralis inhabitants have come under constant attack due to many states worldwide not recognizing Australian sovereignty, with many colonial powers looking to enslave its inhabitants.

It was ultimately conquered and annexed by the British Empire in the late 1700s and remains under the governance and jurisdiction of the United Kingdom well into the 21st century.

Australia is a member of the United Nations and a signatory of the 1991 Type-III Regulatory Treaty, but does not get a vote, with the United Kingdom functioning as a proxy in its stead.


Australia's original inhabitants were human, but during the 15th century, an unnamed mage exiled from Europe settled on the continent and began conducting experiments to hybridize humans and animals into a new species.

Australia was invaded and colonized by the settlers of the British Empire in the late 18th century. British colonial government overtook the previous anthro-feralis factions and became law of the land, displacing members of the species from power and beginning an era of human dominance. Many of its inhabitants were sold into slavery and dispersed across the globe.

In 1949, Australia along with its neighboring landmass New Zealand were the only two countries to remain under British control despite the London Declaration releasing control of all other countries within the British Commonwealth to their local governments.

In 2013, the United States banned immigration from Australia for non-humanoids.

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