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Present Day

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Alternate Dimensions

Having made several trips through dimensional rifting, Duuz is, at the very least, at amnesty with other versions of himself. So long as they do not impede on their own dimensional affairs, dimensional visitors will not be shown hostility. In cases where dimensions invade one another, they are generally entitled to making contracts with assassins to discourage future invasions.

As a note, he is the only member of his clan that possesses dimensional counterparts. This may be due to the fact that he was born as a native to Taroindar before being raised in Xelthar, which is located within the Void. As such, amnesty is strongly enforced to prevent major conflicts.


The Liberators' Fighting Game

Character: Duuz Hero/Villain: Hero

Character Stage: Cumulonimbus Dome This stage has been referred to as Duuz's training grounds. Locked in with steel walls, fighters appear on a dueling pad, which has been expanded and rubberized. The dueling pad itself appears to be floating on dark clouds from a gaping hole on the bottom of steel walls under the dueling pad, though when a fighter is knocked off the pad, they land on a magic barrier that acts as flooring, which is apparent due to the clouds moving to the side rather than through the barrier. As the fight progresses, the steel walls unlock as the walls slide sideways to form the outline of the dome, revealing the lightning vortex surrounding it. Grieven, in his elder dragon form, would be seen flying to specific spots around the dome as he observes the fight (unless he's the one fighting).

Fighting Style: Primarily offensive, he excels at ground combos as he adds pressure on the attacks. Armed with trap specials, his opponent's mistake is his moment of glory. Though he is considerably strong and fast, his defense is low. His energy meter takes the form of three ninpo flames, which increases upon receiving and connecting attacks. He would also be able to enter an Instant Kill state (should he miss the Instant Kill, Duuz will be unable to regenerate any ninpo flames).

Stance: He carries his sword over his shoulder as he taps his left foot. After a moment of idleness, Duuz yawns with his left hand inches away from his mouth.

Blocking stance: He reverses his grip on his sword as he covers his body with his arms.

Throw Animation: Front: "...really?" Duuz pushes the opponent and kicks them in the shin hard enough to make them fall on their face. He then shrugs and shakes his head.

Back: "Stay down!" Duuz punches his opponent in the gut with his left arm, sending them back a couple of feet. He then uses tendrils to grab and swing the opponent behind him. 

Air Duuz grabs the opponent and performs a quick Izuna drop. 

Special 1: Lightning Edge (Air OK) “Here!” Duuz sends a concentrated bolt in front of him. A ninpo flame can be used to send chained lightning, dealing heavy knockback.

Special 2: Thunder Thrust (Air OK) “Not so fast!” Duuz leaps and performs an anti-air slash upwards, dragging his sword arm to form an arc. A ninpo flame can be used to send three concentrated bolts in an arc.

Special 3: It's a Wrap  Duuz leaves a mobile ground trap that slowly creeps toward the opponent. When triggered, the opponent becomes rooted to the ground for 1 second. A ninpo flame can be used to speed up the trap and encase the opponent in a cocoon for 3 seconds. The trap is unblockable, but does not do damage and can be destroyed when hit. 

Special 4: Neo Spark (Air only) “Gotcha!” Duuz dashes toward a location from the air, leaving behind sparks of lightning that detonate after the dash is completed. A ninpo flame can be used to slam the opponent to the ground. 

Super Attacks: (Expend 2 ninpo flames) Trinity Blades “Here’s my version of Ouroboros! Trinity Blades!” Duuz surrounds himself with bright blades. Whenever Duuz attempts to attack, a blade is flung, dealing light damage. Lasts for 8 seconds. Ninpo flames may still regenerate during this time.

Trinity Blast “Ka-boom…” Duuz sends a giant bright blade at his opponent. When it connects, the blade explodes.

Instant Kill state: "Time's about to run out for you!" - When he enters the Instant Kill state "Bah! Screw it." - When he exits the Instant Kill state. Duuz concentrates on his sword. A sharp gust blows his scarf upward as he begins to show blue embers around his body. During this time, ninpo flames gradually die out. When all flames are extinguished, the Instant Kill state starts to drain his health. Super attacks cannot be used while in this state. This can be deactivated.

Instant Kill: (Removes energy meter until the round is complete) “Forgive me, but I had to end it quickly.” Duuz somersaults the opponent high into the air. As the enemy starts falling down, Duuz jumps toward him/her and sends bright blades all around at a rapid pace. As soon as the opponent lands on the ground, Duuz takes control of the bright blades once more and sends them crashing down onto the opponent before they detonate. It cannot be used in a combo. This action will remove the Instant Kill state.

Attack Quote 1: “Let’s see if you can stand after this!” Attack Quote 2: “One more time!” Attack Quote 3: “You’ve fallen right into my trap.”

Taunt: *sighs* “Just leave. You’re not worth the effort.”

Entry Quotes Animation – Duuz takes form from his transference state. He unsheathes his sword and twirls it counterclockwise on his right hand before pointing it directly at his opponent.

VS Heroes “Last chance to walk away…” “Heh, this will be an interesting match.” “Don’t worry. I’ll get the job done, trust me!” VS Villains “I doubt you’ll go in quietly…I’ll make it quick and painless for you.” “As an intergalactic ninja, it’s my duty to put a stop to your plans!” “Villains are so dull nowadays.” VS Firefox “It’s been quite some time, Liz. Let’s see how we fare this time around.” VS Grieven “Grieven. This time, I’ll win for sure!” “Let’s see if you can this time.” – Grieven VS Hellion “Time to take the Duuz test.” – Hellion “I’m still baffled about this test, but okay…” VS Swift “Think of this as a training exercise. If you lose, I’ll be sure to point out the flaws you should work on.” VS Varulfr “You may be the Champion of Tyr, but can you uphold Fenrir’s might in battle?”

Win Quotes: Animation: Duuz sheathes his sword on his back and dusts himself off before looking at his defeated opponent.

VS Heroes “I warned you…” “That was a good fight!" “Well...there you go." VS Villains “You’re under arrest! Anything you say now will be null and void.” “Ooooo… that is definitely going to sting!” “One down, many more to go!” VS Firefox “Sorry, Elizabeth. I just could not go easy on anyone, you know?” VS Grieven “Huh?! Did I really win, or is that your way of showing pity towards me?” VS Hellion “Ouch…I’m afraid you received lower than a C-, dude…” VS Swift “Sorry, captain. I had to go the extra mile to make sure.” VS Varulfr “Hmm…I should name my next weapon 'Gleipnir.' You don't mind that, right Caleb?”

Lose Quotes: Animation – Duuz collapses onto his left knee with his right arm going limp and the tip of the blade bouncing on the ground. He then puts his left hand to his face in disappointment.

VS Heroes “Okay…I got ahead of myself there…” “It’ll sting for a bit, but I will say you are a great fighter.” “Hmph. Touché.” VS Villains “T-that was a fluke! I’ll get you next time!” “You won’t succeed…I’ll make sure of it!” VS Firefox “That fight was actually exhilarating. Let’s spar again later in the future.” VS Grieven “I suppose I haven't caught up just yet. I must train harder!” VS Hellion “Congratulations, you passed the test. Can you help me up now?” VS Swift “Okay, okay! There’s nothing wrong with your fighting skills! You did clock me pretty good on those hits, too…” VS Varulfr “Heh, those weapons suit you well! We’ll spar again at some point. For now, I definitely need training.”

Arcade Ending:

"After winning the tournament, Duuz started to regain bits of his past life. Wanting to investigate more, he contacts the Time Sentries to look through the archives for clues of this anomaly. With the information he needs, Duuz ventured out into space alone. After all, he is the only one that can unlock his true nature."

Duuz Genshido
Biographical Data
Real Name: Duuz
Aliases: Rasclash
Gender: Male
Species: Roin'esh
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Taroindar
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Grieven Genshido (Foster brother)
Age: 177
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None
Complexion: Smooth
Physical Build: Bulky
Physical Features: Red scarf and hood, blue bio-energy streaks
Status: Template:CharacterstatusActive
Affiliation: Neutral Good
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: Unknown
Occupation: Blacksmith
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Tissue recovery, poison secretion
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Spell scrolls, katana, wakizashi

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