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Dwarves, or Homo sapiens fortem, are a sapient humanoid race on the planet Earth. They are known for their trade of valuable (often magical) artifacts, precise and extremely high quality, pure metal-smithing thanks to Areum, and more recently in the modern era, magical technology.

Dwarves historically have had a a reputation for being honor-bound, extremely trustworthy, and technologically savvy. They are often the guardians of supernatural objects which are held in their possession for safekeeping.

Other Homo sapiens subspecies include Elves and Humans.

History Edit

Characteristics Edit

Dwarves generally tend to be short and have exceptional strength compared to Humans and Elves.

They have a higher proclivity towards magic than Human beings and Elves. Most Dwarves, unlike Humans or Elves, are capable of wielding magic.

  • The typical elf is classified as a Type-I Dwarf due to not possessing any extraordinary powers and in effect representing the non-magical and less common example of the species.
  • Dwarves with the disposition to manipulate Red Matter are classified as Type-II Dwarves. Wizards have been believed to have existed throughout all of Dwarf history, with much of their society and culture focused around the magical arts and creating technology and magically-imbued weapons and tools.

 Legal Status Edit

Discrimination against Dwarves is illegal in the United States.

The UN Declaration of Universal Humanoid Rights explicitly outlines rights that must be guaranteed to all humanoid beings regardless of their origin, social status or creed. However this declaration is not enforced nor is it respected by all of the UN's member states, resulting in some countries whose human leaderships are notorious for suppressing even their own human populations, let alone Dwarves.

List of notable Dwarves Edit

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