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Earth, Terra, or Sol III, is the third planet from Sol in the Solar System. Earth is the only habitable planet in the system and the homeworld of Humans, Anthro-feralis, Elves, and Dwarves. It possesses seven continent landmasses and its surface is approximately seventy-percent covered in water. Earth only has a single star and a single moon, named Luna.


Earth was formed with the formation of the Solar System, out of stellar material ejected from stars going supernova billions of years ago. This material eventually was pulled into orbit around a young star, and solidified into a superheated ball of magma before eventually cooling and forming a crust, becoming a planet. Water from asteroid and comet impacts throughout the following millennia gave Earth an atmosphere and oceans, from which the first life forms began to take shape from primordial soup, becoming more complex through the process of evolution. Eventually, life forms moved onto land and radically changed as billions of years passed.

Humanoid civilization evolved and arose some 1.8 million and 6,000 years ago, respectively, and became the first sentient species to develop civilization on Earth.

Locations and Features


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