Hank Lang is a red panda Anthro-feralis who is the father of Charlie Lang and husband to Emily Lang until her death. He is the patriarch of the Lang family.

History Edit

Hank Lang had difficulty relating to his son and during the latter's childhood often let his wife resolve issues and comfort him, not understanding how to console Charlie himself. When Charlie came home crying after being bullied, Hank awkwardly stood outside his son's door waiting and hoping that he would tire himself out. Despite seemingly not taking any action, Hank still cared about his son's well-being.

In 2015, Emily Lang's cancer became terminal and was admitted to San Francisco General Hospital. Hank sat in depressed silence at her bedside, never leaving and not even responding or reacting when his son came into the room, looking on as mother and son exchanged parting words on her deathbed. However later in the evening, Hank went looking for Charlie in an attempt to talk to him and console him. The two of them met together on the rooftop of the hospital and awkwardly sat next to each other in the night, before finally beginning conversation. Grief stricken and emotionally compromised, Hank made Charlie promise that he would make his mother happy, and then embraced his son, telling him that he loved him, something that appeared to be not entirely common in their relationship.

In 2020, Hank and Charlie Lang shared a drink on the latter's 21st birthday on the boardwalk at Aquatic Park Cove. Hank apologized for making his son make the promise, noting that he was not in a clear state of mind when demanding it and acknowledging that he was being selfish. He encouraged Charlie to find his own path to a fulfilling life, and asked him if he was sure if he still wanted to be a wizard, to which his son replied that he was certain.

In 2021, Hank attended his son's graduation. When Charlie was accepted into the United Liberators Operations Academy, Hank was extremely proud, and would often brag about him to his coworkers and friends.

After Charlie became an adult and left home, Hank retired sometime before 2029, and lived in solitude for a time but slowly began to warm up to a deeper relationship with his son. The two of them reconnected over restoring classic cars, with Charlie providing some of the parts and helping his father find them.

In 2029, Hank Lang visited Ekhota Base in a red 1958 Plymouth Fury. He took great pride in the car and showed it off to Charlie and his co-workers, before continuing his road tripe to Montana where he would go fly-fishing.

Shortly after, the Korean War re-ignited and a nuclear exchange occurred between the United States and North Korea. Lang witnessed air-to-air missiles and high-altitude defense missiles being launched over Montana, streaking above his head to meet the threat of North Korean ICBMs as he stood in the water of the gurgling river.

Lang attempted to drive further northwest and away from the nuclear silos in Montana that he knew would be targets for the Korean missiles, but was caught in the outer blast wave of a nuke that missed its target and exploded miles away in rural Montana. His car, being a heavy old vehicle made in the 50s, did not flip over and crush him. It instead simply rolled off the road and into a ditch. Its doors were fused shut, but the thick metal bodywork of the old Plymouth meant that he received very little radiation and was prevented from contaminating himself by trying to go outside.

Lang was rescued by a Liberators-597 V-25 jump jet and his son Charlie soon after, and freed from the vehicle and airlifted out of the area with the help of the agents. He had sustained moderate injuries, but would recover fairly quickly.

Personality Edit

Hank is a quiet man who usually keeps to himself and has trouble connecting with other people, save for Emily Lang who he had an extremely close relationship. Despite not understanding his son as well as his late wife, he still clearly loves Charlie and wishes him to be happy, as evidenced by his statement on his 21st birthday that he should not be held to the promise that he made his son make five years prior, criticizing himself as being unfair and selfish.

After Charlie became an adult, his relationship with his son became much deeper and the two of them bonded, contacting each other much more often and spending time together in their hobbies. Over time as he aged, the elder Lang developed a rather morbid sense of humor, joking that his old car was a good choice of vehicle because it would not stall after being caught in the EMP pulse of a nuclear weapon.

Despite being injured and in some pain, Lang made several quips and joked about his condition, much to the chagrin of his son. He was at first more concerned about whether the car that saved his life was totaled than anything else, lamenting "I really miss that car."

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