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Humanoids, or Homo sapiens, is the term describing three extant child species of Homo sapiens idaltu, a common ancestor that is now extinct.

These three subspecies are

  • Homo sapiens sapiens (Humans)
  • Homo sapiens fortem (Dwarves)
  • Homo sapiens illustratum (Elves)

Out of the three species, Humans are the most widespread and successful, and centuries of competition, persecution and violence against non-humans throughout the Middle Ages, Age of Sail and even into modern times have resulted in unfortunate circumstances that have presented great difficulties for Dwarves and has resulted in the endangerment of Elves.

History Edit

  • For history of the Human species, see Human.
  • For history of the Dwarf species, see Dwarf.
  • For history of the Elf species, see Elf.

Characteristics Edit

All humanoids are bipedal, possess no tail, and are hairless with the exception of their heads, which often have hair. They are sapient and remarkably intelligent compared to most other species on Earth, and have little to no natural predators, being able to elude or outsmart most natural threats.

All three subspecies have shown sapience and the ability to create tools in order to achieve goals and to ensure survival, though the extent of the advancement and complexity of these tools and technology vary between subspecies and individual groups.

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