Japan is a sovereign island nation off the coast of East Asia. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and is an archipelago consisting of four main islands and hundreds of smaller islands.

Japan is a member of the United Nations and a signatory of the 1991 Type-III Regulatory Treaty.

Japanese wizards tend to focus in elemental magic and are known as shugenja.

History Edit

See more: Imperial Japan

During World War II, Japan was an Areum superpower and was for a time, at least during its early stages, the empire leading the magi-tec research arms race. The Japanese Empire posed a real threat of invading the United States, and was the US's primary rival in magi-tec. They however lost traction in the later stages of the conflict as their Areum reserves began to deplete and the United States accelerated ahead of them in research, eventually dropping three nuclear bombs on them, two of them magically-enhanced.

After the Japanese capitulated, the United States occupied the island nation for some time before assisting in redeveloping and installing a new form of democratic government. American forces eventually withdrew, but ties between the countries remained strong.

During the 1980s, Japan was one of the nations that suffered most from the Parahuman Uprising, due to their high population density factor.

Locations and Features Edit

Locations Edit

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