Liberators are chapters of special operations teams of gifted individuals operating primarily in the United States under the unified command of the United Liberators Coalition. There are currently 78 chapters in operation throughout the United States.


During the Type-III Awakening Incident in the 1980s, organized militia groups throughout the country opposed the rise of and combated dangerous parahumans when the United States Armed Forces and homeland defense forces were spread too thin to be effective at restoring order. These militias forces, comprised of law enforcement, undeployed military and ex-military, locals and armed citizens, joined forces to bring local warlords down.

The act of ending their reigns of terror and effectively 'liberating' the communities that they had seized control of gave these groups the nickname of 'Liberators', a term coined by the grateful communities they had saved, and a term that would quickly spread through the United States in the late 1980s as a word of hope. When the Department of Homeland Security formed to formally organize the resistance efforts and deputize the preexisting militias, the term 'Liberator' became official.

In modern day, the United Liberators Coalition under the Department of Homeland Security oversees all Liberator chapters throughout the United States, and is responsible for standardizing operations and formally authorizing and organizing missions.


Liberator chapters are officially designated by zip code; if there is only one chapter within a given state, then the chapter has the zip code of the state itself.

  • The North Dakota chapter of Liberators is known as Liberators-58, with no other Liberators in the area.
  • The two Liberator chapters in New York City, however, are known separately from each other as Liberators-10021 and Liberators-11040.
  • Two chapters in Wyoming are, in an unusual departure from convention, assigned to the same city. The two chapters are Liberators-830A and Liberators-830B, using letters to distinguish themselves from each other unlike other chapters which simply use more precise zip codes.

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