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Liberators-830 was the former chapter assigned to Union City prior to Liberators-830A and Liberators-830B. All members of its field operations team perished during the 2029 Union City terrorist incident, and its surviving remaining members were absorbed into the two new chapters that formed in their wake.

History Edit

Liberators-830 was created in 1992 in order to protect Union City in the aftermath of the Type-III Awakening Incident and to guard against any potential threats that could rise from either the metropoli's large wizarding populace or the handful of metahumans living there.

In 2028, two members of the L-830 team, Adam Creel and James Hill, came to the rescue of Siegfried Peters when he was assaulted by the Skull Crushers. As he recovered in the hospital the day after, they questioned him to file a reportand recommended that he seek training at the United Liberators Operations Academy in order to control his newfound powers.

In 2019, a terrorist incident threw Union City into chaos.

Organization Edit

The chapter consisted of members who were all Human, with some wizards and metahumans. They were equipped with state of the art vehicles and equipment, including a Juggernaut Armored Transport and an ACS-2 Aquilia. Their former headquarters was in City Center.

Members Edit

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