Liberators-830A is the first of the two Liberators chapters split from the Liberators-830 chapter in Union City, Wyoming. It was created to act as the primary Liberators chapter in the region, with the intent of fortifying the city from further metahuman terror attacks. It is supported by the lesser Liberators-830B.

It is the better equipped of the two divisions, possessing an ACS-1 Citadel and numerous latest model ULC SUVs. Its members are top graduates from the ULC Operations Academy.

History Edit

830A was created in the aftermath of the 2029 Union City terror incident, as one of two chapters assigned to the city to increase security. From the beginning its leaders have had a strained relationship with each other as well as the agents under both chapters, who disliked each other greatly; the A team disliked the B team because of their perceived 'ragtagness' and the B team considered A team to be incredibly elitist and pompous.

This team arrived sometime later in the night after Liberators-830B, their Citadel's arrival in Union City bringing copious amounts of celebration and media attention.

After only a day being assigned to the city, the team was involved in a Delta-level incident which they handled successfully, much to the praise of the city's inhabitants.

Organization Edit

Locations Edit

Vehicles Edit

Notable members Edit

  • Tyler Cheng (captain)
  • Marcus Tristan (temporarily in early 2029)
  • Mary Apel
  • Zack Zorger
  • Lucio Hilst
  • Cristobal Gerry
  • Buford Rickels
  • Asa Nomoto
  • Devin Pappillion
  • Myles Elkan
  • Harley Lentner
  • Stevie Veik