"Norlar's right. Let's at least look out for each other if headquarters won't."
Charlie Lang
Liberators-830B is the second of the two Liberators chapters split from the Liberators-830 chapter in Union City, Wyoming. It was created as the secondary backup and support team for Liberators-830A, which acts instead as the primary Liberators chapter within the region.

It is regarded by many, even the Director of the ULC, as the secondary 'B' team and is reputed to be made of misfits. In particular, criticism has been leveled towards the group for its selection of its team leader as an affirmative action ploy. Charlie Lang, the leader in question who is an Anthro-feralis, holds this opinion quite strongly himself, and greatly resents the lack of resources he was given and feels that he was, despite his skill level and competence, instead judged on the merits of his species.

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Directly after the 2029 Union City terror incident, 830B was created in the aftermath, as one of two chapters assigned to the city to increase security. In late January its agents reported to the Phoenix Complex for orientation and assignment, and flew out to Union City, Wyoming the same day.

Immediately the group found itself chafing against their counterpart chapter and its leader, Tyler Cheng of Liberators-830A who mocked them for being an auxiliary support team instead of his own better equipped and trained chapter. Many members initially also resented their treatment by command, such as being given an old refurbished C-20 Phoenix instead of an ACS-2 Aquila. Despite mostly getting along, a few members did not, such as Norlar and Roie Allius, and Alder Thornwick with the non-humanoid members of the team.

Though less equipped than the 'A team', Liberators-830B was effective, apprehending the Skull Crushers in an incident that occurred the day after their arrival and earning the respect of individuals such as Isaiah Brown, who would ultimately join the Coalition a few months later.

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