Magic, magical energy, or true magic (as opposed to stage magicians and illusionists) is an observed phenomena that allows certain individuals to bend the rules of science and reality to a limited degree for a temporary period of time. Magic has been observed in only a limited percentage of the Human population (about one in every 1000 individuals) but nonetheless is clearly documented and an integral part of world politics and everyday life. The few individuals able to control magic and to project such powers are able to do so via a channeling device such as a wand, scepter, or staff, all of which rely on the exotic material Red Matter to function.


Magic usage was for the most part extremely limited throughout history. Since all magic requires a catalyst in the form of Red Matter within a channeling device, few were able to construct such tools that would be able to successfully contain the substance, which was difficult to obtain in the first place. The first known usage of magic coincided with the first known successful containment of Red Matter in the 11th century. Ancient wizards such as Merlin were one of the first that successfully contained Red Matter.

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