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"“Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”"
―Dr. Ian Malcolm

Records obtained of creatures either naturally occurring or created through biomancy ritual. The entries below are of extinct and existing creatures recorded.

Antlion: A Lion of Ants, it is believed that this creature was created through biomancy by combining both lions and actual ants. The creature was unable to keep itself nourished, as both aspects conflicted, causing this animal to starve to death. Archaeologists have been able to locate several documents from Europe describing it.

Bunyip: Thought to be related to Anthro feralis, the bunyip is reported to come in many shapes and sizes. It most often has a similar form to a bear with walrus tusks and a duck-like bill. They can still be found to this day in parts of Australia, and even in New Zealand. Records indicate that they are primarily carnivorous and highly intelligent, but not sentient.

Carbuncle: Also found to be extinct, the carbuncle was a small rodent to have evolved naturally due to close proximity to Red Matter deposits over time, high in mountains in the borders of Chile. While not inherently dangerous (other than carrying disease), the gems any carbuncle grew from their bodies were highly sought after by mages, as the Carbuncle bodies were said to contain great magic. It is believed these "gems" were solidified pieces of Red Matter. Unfortunately the carbuncle has been hunted to extinction and it has been impossible to confirm.

Chimera, extinct but known throughout the world as dangerous magical beasts were commonly seen to be an amalgamation of Bat, Hyena and Lion. The creatures were carniviorous and due to that, when the last one escaped captivity the Knights were forced to put it down due to the threat it posed to everyone around it.

Cwn Annwn: Also known as "Hounds of Annwn" or "Hell Hounds", these doglike creatures possess brilliant white fur, red ears and a slim, sinewy build similar to that of a greyhound. They were bred by the elves of Annwn as hunting and guard dogs and were demonized by Christians in England and Wales during the medieval period. Cwn Annwn are able to bathe an area around them in a magical mist similar to that which surrounds Annwn itself, muffling all sounds bar their own distinctive barking and causing creatures caught in the mist to potentially lose their sense of direction. 

Dragons are magical creatures of immense power and strength. While starting small, depending on their environments and successful hunting, they may grow into larger magical beasts. This Document will expand further on explaining the Dragon.