This in-universe styled database is a comprehensive guide to the Liberators universe, taking place in the not-too distant year of 2029. The story follows the supernatural investigation and field operations unit Liberators-830B, which is one of many in the United Liberators Coalition. Their home, Union City, is a precarious one, built in a turbulent and ever-changing world. Please feel free to take a look around!


Unlike many universes, magic has existed on Earth in this one from the beginning of time. Not only has it persisted into the modern world past the epic fantasies of medieval times, it has shaped the modern world, the supernatural and technological to create machines, creatures, and advancements in civilization previously thought impossible. However, all of this of course comes at a price, and there are times where that price must be paid. Though the world is bolder and more adventurous, it is also more dangerous. The United Liberators Coalition and the Advanced Extranormal Containment and Investigation Force, formed after a catastrophic supernatural incident that destabilized the world, are at the front lines of a brave new world with an unwritten future.


This project was built by multiple contributors of the roleplay group known as 'United RP', so named after it merged several smaller roleplay series into one shared, cohesive universe. Originally based in an MMORPG, it was decided that the setting was no longer conducive to creative story-telling, and was found by many members to be limiting for the stories they wanted to tell.

Thus, the old adage: If you want something done right, do it yourself. To that end, the Liberators have instead been rebooted into a new incarnation thanks to the efforts of these creative world-builders.

Interested in joining? Contact us! Have questions? Check out our Q&A.

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