Ken Age
Reptilian Sniper from the Future
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kenneth Age
Aliases: Ken, Kenny, Nuls, Nully
Gender: Male
Species: Reptilian (uncertain)
Ethnicity: Opifex (formerly)
Place of Birth: New Allegheny, Namerican Territories, Old Earth
Base of Operations: Based in Millennium City (Detroit)
Relatives: Norah Age (Mother), Anton Age (Father), Isaiah Marlin Age (Grandfather, deceased), Sarai Age (Grandmother) Matthieu Carver (Adopted son)
Age: 38 (-27467 years)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 130
Eyes: Unnatural green-orange (mutated)
Hair: None (Spines growing from skull)
Complexion: Scaly, reptilian stripes
Physical Build: Thin
Physical Features: Scales, stripes, spines atop the head, tail, talons
Affiliation: The Liberators
Years Active: 10+
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States (Extradimensional)
Occupation: Sharpshooter, Hero
Education: Collegiate
Marital Status: Taken (Margaret Mahama Lewis)
Known Powers and Abilities
Intent Drive, Nanotechnology
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Coming soon

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