The Protectorate was the result of a United Nations initative in the aftermath of the Type-III Awakening Incident. The Protectorate operates on an international level, with bases stationed in every province of all UN-allied countries. Each base is run by an assigned director and staffed by a combination of Protectorate and local military personnel and soldiers.

The Protectorate prioritizes international stability over threat neutralization. Parahuman warlords will be left in power if they are the only form of government in place, and territory is often conceded to powerful parahumans rather than risk nationwide damage as a result of an attack by an S-class threat. As they are a UN organization, they ultimately answer to the security council and their authority surpasses local militaries in regards to parahuman matters. They also handle their own recruitment, attempting to gather as many parahuman assets as possible, which oftens involve an ultimatum in the case of apprehended criminals.

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