Red Matter (Rm) is a rare, high atomic number element that possesses unique, poorly understood but semi-observable properties and behaviors, most notably in its use as the catalyst for few capable individuals to perform Magic. It has an atomic number of 124 and an atomic mass of 302.

Red Matter has an extremely low boiling point, evaporating and dispersing into gaseous form at temperatures of only 21°C (69.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Red Matter is only effective for channeling magical energy in a solid or liquid state, as vaporization appears to nullify the effects.

Red Matter is currently the highest atomic mass element known to man, and all attempts at synthesizing it artificially have been unsuccessful as of 2029. It is theorized that the bizarre nature of the element itself allows for an island of stability to be maintained despite its high atomic mass suggesting that it should rapidly undergo decay. Red Matter exhibits no unusual properties and is not radioactive, emitting no alpha, beta or gamma wavelengths and by all measures appearing inert until handled by a wizard.

Instrumentation readings taken of the substance upon contact with a magically gifted individual yield no conclusive answers, as readings are inconsistent and nonsensical, as if randomized.


Antiquity and Early Middle Ages

The exact circumstances of Red Matter's discovery are unknown, but written records dating from the mid 11th century speak of a crimison 'aether' that when condensed into liquid allowed a 'chosen few' to perform miracles. One such individual in this category is the famous ancient wizard Merlin.

Red Matter must be contained within a receptacle in order to be utilized, preferably a specially designed one to increase focus and precision of the spellcasting. Containment methods at this time were crude and limiting, as early wands were fashioned out of materials such as wood and bone, sealed with substances such as tar, tree sap and animal bodily fluids which were not entirely effective in containing Red Matter. Leakages were common, resulting in the power of the user diminishing over time if the core was not replenished. This was exacerbated by the fragility of the channeling devices and the prohibitively expensive and arduous nature of obtaining the material. Red Matter at this time was an exotic substance only found in the colder regions of the planet, which were largely inaccessible to most societies. Because effective sealants and refrigeration did not exist, transportation of the red matter without evaporation was also extremely difficult. Finally, impurities in cores themselves also were detrimental to magical energy projection.

The Age of Sail

Industrial Revolution

Modern Day

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