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The Revelation of Wizardkind was a major worldwide event during the 19th century in the waning stages of the Industrial Revolution where the wizarding world was completely exposed to non-magical people and their respective governments. The event had profound impacts on society, and resulted in the merging of two very different worlds into one. It decidedly cemented fact from fiction, proving some myths and legends to be true while debunking the ones that were not.

Following the Global Revelation, wizards were integrated into mainstream society, though their status and treatment during the process varied different from country to country. Non-magical society soon realized the potential advantages of wizards and their Areum as a strategic resources, which led to their exploitation in World War I and full-scale magical mobilized magi-tec warfare in World War II.

Background Edit

Many doubted the existence of wizards; despite over a millennia filled with rich magical lore, myths and legend, many non-magical people dismissed such records as simply myths and legend. The magical community had gone into hiding at this point, intentionally making themselves difficult to document, track or prove the existence of, as well as destroying documents and evidence that might breach secrecy.

In addition, the magical origin of Anthro-feralis was not yet revealed to most of the world, who believed that they had been created through science due to a poor understanding of biology at the time, or more controversially, created by God to fufill the promise that Earth was for mankind's taking, and were thus fit to be slaves. The full story of their origins would not come out until the latter half of the 20th century a hundred years later.

History Edit

Aftermath Edit

Organizations such as the US Department of Magical Affairs were created by governments ruling the nations that wizards inhabited, in order to understand and regulate the use of magic and the practice of supernatural arts. Society at large had come to realization of the fact that magic was indeed real, though there were outliers who refused to believe the revelation and maintained that it was a massive, elaborate hoax.

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