San Francisco is a major city in California in the United States of America and the location of the headquarters of the United Liberators Coalition. The San Francisco Peninsula is the location for the majority of activity pertaining to the region.

History Edit

In the 1980s, the Type-III Awakening Incident damaged much of the city's infrastructure and destroyed many buildings. As of 2029, South San Francisco has still not fully completed reconstruction and there are several buildings within this district that are abandoned or in ruins. Horsehoe Bay was devastated along with the Golden Gate Bridge, but would eventually be redeveloped into the Phoenix Complex.

In 1999, Charlie Lang was born in San Francisco at San Francisco General Hospital.

In 2010, construction started on the Phoenix Complex at Horseshoe Bay near the Golden Gate Bridge.

In 2015, Emily Lang died at San Francisco General Hospital.

In 2016, the Phoenix Complex was completed after being topped out sometime the previous year.

In 2017, Lang attended San Francisco State University. Frank Whitaker died and was buried at Golden Hills Memorial Park. Frank's Corner Confectioneries was closed.

In 2021, Lang graduated SFSU and was accepted into the United Liberators Operations Academy and was employed by the United Liberators Coalition in 2022.

Locations and Features Edit

Locations Edit

Features Edit

  • San Francisco Peninsula
  • San Francisco Bay
    • Horseshoe Bay
    • Golden Gate Strait