The United States Department of Magical Affairs is a governmental division of the United States of America with the purpose of understanding, researching, troubleshooting and assisting citizens with supernatural phenomena as well as regulating the exotic element Red Matter (Rm) and the sale, distribution, and use of magical items, as well as enforcing laws on cursed and enchanted items.

Wands, scepters and staffs must be registered and licensed with the USDOMA. Alchemic products and magical elixirs are similarly regulated and the department monitors the sale of materials used to create them. USDOMA also assists citizens in purging unwanted ectoplasmic entities.

The US Department of Magical Affairs has the highest percentage of wizards employed than in any other government department.

History Edit

The Department of Magical Affairs was founded at the turn of the century after the Industrial revolution and the surge of the wizard and witch populations in the United States.

The Industrial Revolution had enabled mass production and infrastructure that had enabled Areum to become readily available and easier to obtain, resulting in a dramatic increase in the population of individuals that practiced magic, turning wizardry and sorcery from a relatively misunderstood and sometimes feared practice into a part of everyday life. This was known as the Global Revelation.

In 1901, USDOMA was created in response in order to understand wizardkind as well as attempt to regulate and establish laws controlling magic within the United States. This move was quite controversial for both wizard and non-magical Americans, but ultimately was regarded as necessary to address a world that was now fully unmasked and would not remain separate from society at large. One of the USDOMA's first major offices was in Union City, a rapidly growing settlement in the Rockies that was quickly becoming a haven for wizardkind to practice magic.

During this time, the USDOMA also developed the supernatural classification system to identify the abilities of and to differentiate different beings from each other. This system was adopted in the United States and many other countries shortly after.

Public awareness pamphlet issued in 1982 by the USDOMA regarding supernatural hauntings and how to understand them.

Recognition of the authority of the US Department of Magical Affairs took time for many wizards and witches, who did not initially trust the intrusiveness of an organization so heavily populated and administrated by non-magical humans, but eventually with wizards themselves joining the USDOMA and contributing, as well as the dissolution and collapse of previous wizarding societies and groups, it was eventually accepted as the law of the land in matters of magical concerns within the United States. However, few rogue wizard groups remained, refusing to recognize the authority of a non purely magical entity.

The USDOMA's regulations and United States' legislation on magical issues formed the basis of and heavily influenced other countries' policies and attitudes on magic in the following century.

Organization Edit

The Department of Magical Affairs is based in Washington D.C. and is headquartered at Roosevelt Tower on Roosevelt Island on the Potomac river. The government department has offices in every major city within America, attached to other government service centers such as city halls and courts. Registration and magical training centers are present in order to assist American wizards who wish to practice magic.

Magical Registration Edit

All wands must be registered with USDOMA, which has offices in every major city. Wands are given a serial number that must be visible at all times, and entered into a national registry database, and the wizards they are registered with are similarly indexed as well. Though wizards are not required to register if they are found to be magical, they are required to register if they own a wand or possess magical materials, making registration effectively mandatory for all practicing wizards.

There is a hefty fine for unregistered wands being registered, but having to pay a fine to be on the right side of the law is much preferable to being caught using magic in an unauthorized manner. The USDOMA forbids all minors from owning channeling devices or from practicing magic without the supervision of a licensed professional.

Magical Law Enforcement Edit

The USDOMA is responsible for enforcing all laws related to magic and the supernatural in the United States. It controls the importation, mining, sale and distribution of the material known as Red Matter as well as setting regulations and limitations on ownership and breeding of magical creatures and plants.

Mentioned Locations Edit

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