The Union Falls Metropolitan Police Department, or UFPD, is the primary law enforcement organization operating in Union Falls, Wyoming.

History Edit

The UFPD was originally a Sheriff's Office founded in 1892 along with the town of Union Falls. After a massive economic boom and rapid expansion of the town into a metropolis in the latter half of the 20th century, it was reorganized into a metropolitan police department.

During the Type-III Awakening Incident, the UFPD sustained heavy casualties while attempting to restore order to the city as a single rogue ravaged its streets. It is because of the city's high population of wizards in both its general population and on its police force that the police had enough magical firepower to subdue the parahuman threat and restore order.

The UFPD underwent a second expansion around the turn of the century, to address Union Falls' rapid growth, rebuilding and redevelopment into one of America's largest cities.

Organization Edit

The UFPD is a metropolitan police department headed by a Chief of Police and a commissioner. It currently has 1475 officers employed in Union City, and eleven stations, with four stations strategicly placed as planned in city founding.

Weapons Edit

Non-lethal Edit

  • Taser M26C: Standard issue Police taser, equipped with laser sight and fixed sight. Releases 50,000 Volts at 26 watts.

Sidearms Edit

  • Smith and Wesson M&P: Standard semi-automatic pistol sidearm of ULC agents with a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

Locations Edit

The police department has four well known stations, and seven additional locations spread throughout Union City and the metropolitan area of Union Falls.

  • Alpha Station
  • Bravo Station
  • Charlie Station
  • Delta Station
  • King's Highway Station: Located in South Side.
  • Dragon's Road Station: Located in Woolsworth, on the Corner of Dragon's Road and Archemage's Avenue.
  • Forge District Station: Located in the Muirgarn District.

Notable Members Edit

Former Members Edit