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The United Liberators Coalition, or ULC, is a governmental organization of the United States of America overseeing the unified command of the special operations teams known as Liberators throughout all 51 states and beyond. Their purpose is counterterrorism and supernatural intelligence, protecting the United States and allies from parahuman, mystical and otherwise unknown threats as well as studying anomalous phenomena.

As the official metahuman, magical and special operations response and law enforcement organization of America, the ULC faces competition from its international United Nations counterpart AECIF. Despite this the two agencies will readily cooperate with the other when it becomes necessary.


In 1985, the Type-III Awakening Incident saw a large influx of powered individuals that wreaked havoc throughout the states as warlords newly endowed with Type-III parahuman abilities rose to power and formed large crime syndicates and terrorist cells throughout the United States, resulting in a massive wave of crime and weakening of both state and federal governments.

In response, numerous organized militia groups formed in order to resist these threats to their cities and communities. They informally became known as "Liberators", due to their objectives of restoring order to devastated towns and cities and removing these powerful outlaws from power, similar to how the term 'minutemen' was coined during the Revolutionary War centuries ago.

When the Department of Homeland Security formed in 1989 directly after and in response to the uprising, these groups later became formally organized, with official chapters operating in every state. Members were given specialized training and were officially sanctioned by the United States government to undertake missions in order to secure American citizens and interests against special powered threats, both domestic and international. The United States favored the ULC over the proposed international supernatural threat prevention agency AECIF, and declined to sign the Type-III Regulatory Treaty in 1991.


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